The exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung galaxy S4 is the speak of the town on account of its amazing features and is about to launch on14 March. Samsung is launching the successor of galaxy s3 which is galaxy S4 on 14 March at an excellent occasion that would visit take location in Occasions Square in New York moreover would be live streamed at a public invite. At present that is the most anticipated handset of the year 2013 furthermore you will discover number of rumors concerning its capabilities are circulating for this handset but after its launch almost everything could be clear without the need of leaving any doubt. This Korean based company has told ahead of time that the company would go to pull the curtain on 14 March.

According to the sources S4 possess a 4.99 inches display complete HD in conjunction with a resolution of 1080×1920 in addition that convert towards a retina-busting 450 pixels per inch. Furthermore to this for lodging the bigger screen the length and width of the handset have also been increased that is certainly 140.1×71.8mm. The Smartphone is only 7.7mm thick as the depth of S3 was eight.6mm. Taking a look at the dimensions the S4 is substantially larger handset as evaluate to iphone five and is only 0.1mm thicker. The design and style of galaxy S4 has brought evolution in the Galaxy range as the back of the handset would function a polycarbonate; aluminum sides and relocation of the property button which has enlarge the capability of a display.
This can be a new generation handset possess Exynos five Octa CPU additionally could be an initial handset featuring eight core processor. There are rumors that the handset would be power driven by 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. Additionally, it possess a graphics processing unit that would create the twice the graphics presentation supplied by indicates of the chipset in S3. This intelligent phone would avail the function of 4G LTE connectivity, complete Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n compatibility and HSDPA help.

It can be expected that the handset will be launched in three dissimilar sizes that is 16GB, 32GB and 64GB furthermore in two colors that is white and black. If historically taken Samsung doesn’t have the tight timings as Apple did even though announcing or launching their products. As the rumors are spreading the Apple is coming up using a cheaper iphone so there will be distinction in the prices of Galaxy S4. The S4 will be accessible involving the ranges of $599-699 which depends upon the storing capacity of a mobile telephone deals . The Samsung galaxy S4 is the talk of the town on account of its amazing features and is about to launch on14 March.


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